Working "in parallel" with others worldwide to make the world healthier and safer for all. 

Collecting THOUSANDS of Pledges from kids around the world!

Each  pledge is a promise to take actions that help protect our planet. 


Inspire youth worldwide to protect the planet for their favorite animal. 




"I want people to take better care of the environment.  I want to make the world cleaner and a safer place for the frogs, other animals, my family, and friends." - Justin

Justin and Perise want to inspire other children to be brave and change the world for the better. They began working with other educators worldwide to teach kids around the world the the dangers of plastic pollution.


RAISE AWARENESS AND MAKE CHANGE.                                                    

They began sharing their work on social media to bring awareness to our world’s plastic pollution problem.  In "parallel" Justin and Perise have made many things with the bottles such as flower planters, plastic bottle animals, plastic bottle cap art, a cap path, earrings, and they even made a a fisherman’s boat out of 600 plastic bottles.   Now they are inspiring youth to use reusable bottles through their reusable water bottle projecct.

When the students get their water bottles each child takes a pledge to promise to do their best to take care of the environment.