Inspiring Kids to be Brave and Innovative Learners!

 Justin's and his mom are determined to inspire others to see a better world, imagine things that don’t yet exist, and learn the skills needed to turn their ideas into reality. 

It all started from a book he read....
It was the book "What Do You Do With An Idea?" by Kobi Yamada that inspired Justin to create change. 



Start by Reading the Book 

"What do you do with an Idea?"

"My mom read me the book, "What Do You Do With an Idea? and I learned one idea can change the world."  - Justin

Justin learned one idea could change the world
if he learned to be brave, stayed determined, and used a growth mindset.

Justin has always loved frogs ....
Justin has always loved frogs ever since he could remember.



  Then Find Something that Creates Joy Within You.


Find other courageous kids.

Share inspiring news and stories about children who are brave and courageous.


  Choose the right network for support. 

Introduce them to real life role models.

Role models provide learning and inspiration. Children watch and imitate people around them especially people they look up to. They observe and learn from their beliefs and character traits and their positive influence helps develop positive values within them.


  Take one small step

and then another. 


  Awareness is the first step

in making change.

Give them opportunities to practice.

Encourage them to do activities that push them to the edges of their physical or emotional selves – drama, sport, music. Anything that will help to nurture the truth to life that they are strong, powerful, that they can cope, and that they are not as fragile as they might feel sometimes will help to nurture their brave hearts.

Let them know it is okay to make mistakes.

Learning from mistakes builds confidence but this only happens when you, as a parent, treat mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.



  Challenge them to try new things.

As a parent, you have the responsibility to increase life exposures and experiences so your child can develop confidence to cope with the larger world. Children have many fears and they need practical advice to help them cope. Remind them that being   brave and doing brave acts does not mean that you were never scared. It means that you were scared but did it anyway.


Let them know they inspire others.


  Expect failure

but keep going. 



Celebrate their Accomplishments.

Celebrate their efforts, the PROCESS, and their accomplishments. 


Read them stories they can learn from.

Stories can help children recognize they are not the only ones with fears. Children can see themselves reflected in the stories they read.  They provide a simple and safe way to help us explain to our kids that fears are universal and that we can overcome our fears if we harness the courage within ourselves.

See Awards and Accomplishments.